The Shadow of the Tudor Rose

The thirteenth adventure in the series takes the young time-travellers and their feline friend to Elizabethan London, amidst intrigue, plots and spies. Who can they trust and who is on the side of the enemy in the days leading up to the Spanish Armada?


"The Tudor Rose is white and red, two houses joined to end bloodshed"





JULY 2020

On the list of 15 Premier Finalists in the Chanticleer (Gertrude Warner Middle Grade Fiction) International Book Awards. Winners to be announced in September...












Shortlisted in the Rubery Book Awards 2019, making it into the top six entries in the Children's Fiction category.




Winner of a gold and a silver medal in the Children's Literary Classics Book Awards

November 2018





A Silver winner in the Nautilus Book Awards

April 2018

In 1588, a plot to invade England and overthrow Queen Elizabeth the First is about to unfold.

At this crucial moment in English history, four visitors from the future arrive in Elizabethan London. Twins Joe and Jemima Lancelot, together with friend Charlie and their talking cat Max,  embark upon their next journey into the past as they continue the search for their missing parents who are lost somewhere in the mists of time.

Finding themselves tangled in a web of conspiracy, can the young time-travellers unravel the mystery of the Tudor Rose?

Who is this young man? Do you know him? Uncovering his identity is the first mystery the young time-travellers must solve...

"Once again, under the skilled pen of author Wendy Leighton-Porter, history comes to life! The dangerous intricacies and machinations of court intrigue, the enduring animosity between England and Spain, and the life of people in Elizabethan England are clearly laid out...

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to teachers as well as parents because there is so much interesting information, wrapped up in an exciting, suspense-filled package, to get young readers eagerly delving back into the past. Young and of course young at heart readers are in for an incredible treat."



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