Review for The Shadow of the Trojan Horse - Readers' Favorite, August 2016

Wendy Leighton-Porter's time-travel adventure fantasy for children, The Shadow of the Trojan Horse: Shadows From the Past, Book Three, is a fascinating and action-packed historical fiction novel that finds Jemima, Joe, Charlie, and Max in Troy in the final days of the endless conflict between the Trojans and the Greeks. While this is the third book in the Shadows From the Past series, the author provides enough background information to allow this volume to be read on its own. That being said, I'm fairly sure that anyone else who reads this novel will be as interested in reading the first two volumes as I am. The Shadow of the Trojan Horse educates as it entertains, and I loved watching as the time-travelers interacted with Cassandra and the other Trojans, and worked with them to try to find an alternative solution to their plight. Along the way, Joe, Charlie, and Jemima get an up close and personal look at war: the brutality and blood, and the inevitable loss of life, and find it very different than they previously had thought, based on games, shows and books. The Shadow of the Trojan Horse: Shadows From the Past, Book Three has a grand plot and is beautifully written, and it's most highly recommended.

Review for The Shadow of the Volcano - Readers' Favorite, August 2016

"The Shadow of the Volcano: Shadows From the Past, Book Five is an historical adventure novel for children and preteens written by Wendy Leighton-Porter. It had already been a busy summer as the twins, Max, and their friend, Charlie, continued to search for the twins' parents who were lost in time. They had already been to Atlantis, ancient Crete, Troy, and ancient Egypt, but each time they found that their parents had been there, but had left some time before. Now they were ready for another adventure, and they consulted the strange book that kept sending them out to find their parents. This time, they ended up in Pompeii in August of AD 79. The eleven-year-olds arrived and found themselves in a line of people on a dock. Before they knew it, they were sold as slaves, fortunately as a group and to a kind master. Still, adapting to the concept of being a slave is challenging, and convincing the friends they make during their stay and their kindly master to flee before Vesuvius erupts is even more difficult. Will they be able to escape Pompeii themselves before it's too late?

Wendy Leighton-Porter's historical adventure novel for children and preteens, The Shadow of the Volcano: Shadows From the Past, Book Five, finds the time-travelers in Pompeii, and seeing the doomed city and its inhabitants just days before the eruption is poignant and moving. While this is book five in Leighton-Porter's Shadows From the Past historical series, each of these books is complete and can be read as a stand-alone novel. I was fascinated by the historical aspect of this work as I was not all that familiar with Pompeii, aside from the tragic images taken after the town was rediscovered. The author breathes life anew into Pompeii, showing the likely culture one would have found there at that time in history. She also addresses the issue of slavery in an upfront and personal way by having her characters experience it first-hand. The Shadow of the Volcano: Shadows From the Past, Book Five is a thrilling and exciting read, and it's most highly recommended."



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Review in AQUILA children's magazine

"I was given this book at the beginning of my holiday in Devon. I read it in two days as the weather was very bad. I was immediately attracted to the book because of its shiny cover, different size, clear print and the title.


The story is about Max, a cat who can talk because he has a special owl on his collar. The name Max is short for Maximus because of his big size. The children, Joe, Jemima and Charlie, find a book that transports them to the past. They explore the ancient city Atlantis, and warn the people that the city is going to be swallowed up by the waves.


I like this book because it is adventurous, descriptive and exciting. I can imagine everything that the author is describing. I think this is one of the best books I have read in my life. It’s even as good as ‘Harry Potter’! I can’t wait to read the others!"


Reviewed by Evie Perfect, age 8

Thank you, Evie. That is such a lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed The Shadow of Atlantis and hope your comments will encourage other children to read the book too.

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Review by author Fiona Ingram on The Children's and Teens' Book Connection website


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