The Shadow of the Witchfinder - to be published in 2018

In the tenth book of the SHADOWS FROM THE PAST series, Max goes back to the scene of his previous short story, Max's Hallowe'en Adventure.


The county of Essex wasn't a safe place to be in the mid-seventeenth century, thanks to the existence of a certain Matthew Hopkins, otherwise known as the “Witchfinder General”.


The Lancelot twins, their talking cat Max, and friend Charlie, are about to find out just how unsafe it was. Having travelled back to the year 1645, still on the trail of the twins’ missing parents, the children soon find themselves in a perilous situation, especially when Jemima is overheard conversing with Max. Suspected of sorcery, it’s only a matter of time before they fall into the hands of … the Witchfinder.






This is Max's second visit to the village of Mistley Thorn in Essex, but this time he is accompanied by Jemima, Joe and Charlie. The year is 1645, and the time-travelling foursome's mission is to defeat the Witchfinder and save his victims. Will they succeed or might this prove to be their most dangerous challenge yet?