The Shadow of the Pyramid


This is the fourth adventure in the series. Why not follow Max to ancient Egypt and find out just what he gets up to in the land of the pharaohs?


"The Boy King's death mask gleams in gold ..."




Max, a cat unlike any other you might encounter, is terrified of Egyptian mummies; so he is understandably nervous to find himself transported back in time to ancient Egypt alongside his owners, Joe and Jemima Lancelot, and their friend, Charlie. The twins are still hoping to find their missing parents who are trapped somewhere in the pages of history, having lost the key that would bring them home. Arriving at the court of Tutankhamun, the children uncover a deadly plot to assassinate the young pharaoh. Can they save his life, and will they manage to escape before the plotters discover their true identities?






‘The king must die,’ hissed the voice. 'Make it look like an accident, but do it soon.’

‘What about the queen?’

‘Don’t worry about her. She won’t be a problem, unless she’s with child of course. Speak to the others, put some ideas together and then meet me here again at the same time tomorrow so you can tell me what you’ve come up with. I’m expecting results, so you’d better not let me down.’

Ankharet stifled a gasp. Peering cautiously around the pillar in the gloom of the deserted temple, she struggled to identify the owners of the whispering voices, but they had their backs to her and she didn’t dare to make her presence known. She’d come in to escape the blistering heat outside, hoping to enjoy a few quiet moments in the blessedly cool interior, but when she heard the approaching footsteps she’d taken refuge behind the nearest stone column.

‘Go now,’ ordered the first man. ‘I’m heading back to my office. I’ll see you tomorrow, same time, same place - remember? And don’t be late.’

With a swishing of robes, the two men hurried away from the building in different directions, whilst Ankharet sneaked another glance at their departing backs.

Her mind in turmoil, she emerged from her hiding place and wondered what on earth she was going to do. She had to try and warn the queen somehow, but how could she possibly make herself understood? Sending up a silent prayer to the goddess Bastet, begging her for guidance, Ankharet left the dark sanctuary of the temple and ran swiftly back towards the palace.


Review for The Shadow of the Pyramid

Reviewed by Alyssa Elmore for READERS' FAVORITE BOOK REVIEWS


"Follow Max, Jemima, Joe, and Charlie on another adventure of a lifetime in The Shadow of the Pyramid by Wendy Leighton-Porter. Max, their Tonkinese cat, is terrified when the children announce that they will be traveling back to Ancient Egypt. What with the horrifying mummy nightmares he's been having, poor Max is reluctant to join his mistress Jemima on another trip back in time. Only he doesn't have a choice. Before he can explain his misgivings, Max is dragged back in time on a mission to help save a young Pharaoh that is in danger. When they arrive, Max and the children are thrown into the midst of an evil plot. Even worse, the victims are unaware that they are the targets. Being in ancient Egypt, Max wonders if his nightmares will come true? Can Max and the children protect the young Pharaoh before it's too late? Or will they be discovered before they can help the royal couple?

I was again impressed with the fascinating story that the author wove. Shadow of The Pyramid is the fourth book in the Shadows From The Past Series. I feel it is just as good as the other books in the series that I have had the pleasure of reading. I loved the rich descriptions of ancient Egypt and how the author explained the way the hieroglyphs were read. The book was filled with history, interesting characters, and humorous incidents that kept me laughing. I also am ashamed to admit that I cried when they cried. I felt so connected to the characters; I felt their triumphs and their losses. I love that the author takes the time to tell her readers what parts of her book are fiction and what parts are fact. This is another awesome read from Wendy Leighton-Porter. I would suggest these books for children ages 7-10, but anyone who enjoys a historical novel might enjoy the Shadows From The Past series."


("I love reading the Shadows From The Past books! Thanks for another great book! I look forward to reading the next one!")