Coming next... The Shadow of the Great Fire

Another fifteen years have passed in history since Max's Royal Adventure, and now, Max and the children embark on another time-travelling journey into the past that transports them back to 1666. A catastrophic event is about to befall London, changing the city forever....

"Behold the city all aflame, houses blaze like rotten sticks..."



The year is 1666 and London is still recovering from a deadly plague which killed many of its inhabitants. To make matters worse, the city streets are buzzing with rumours of foreign spies intent on wreaking further havoc. The king fears what may happen next, but is unprepared for the disaster that is about to unfold. Can three children and a talking cat, visitors from the future, warn him of the tragedy that will engulf the city? And will he believe them? Time-travellers Jemima and Joe Lancelot, their friend Charlie, and Tonkinese cat Max, risk mortal danger as they attempt to alter the course of events.