The Shadow of Camelot

The sixth book in the series visits the mythical court of Camelot.

If you like Arthurian legend, don't miss this exciting  adventure!


"In days of yore, a tale was told

of swords and stones, and knights so bold ..."



Honourable Mention in the READERS' FAVORITE BOOK AWARDS 2018


Did King Arthur really exist? Joe and Jemima Lancelot uncover the truth behind the myth when they find themselves in Camelot, as they continue the quest to find their missing parents.

Together with friend Charlie and their Tonkinese cat Max, the children are soon plunged into yet another thrilling adventure. Luckily, the famous Lancelot, who is convinced the twins must be  related to him, is on hand to protect them when danger threatens.

Meanwhile, Max has a mystery of his own to solve - will he finally discover why Midnight has been haunting his dreams?






The robed figure hunched over the large cauldron as he carefully stirred the bubbling contents. Steam rose high into the air, giving off a flurry of multi-coloured sparks which leaped and danced around the rafters. Peering into the swirling depths, the old man breathed in the aroma of the magical brew with a satisfied sigh, almost as if he was preparing a delicious casserole. As the simmering liquid began to settle, a blurry image started taking shape beneath the ripples and he bent his head, straining to see the vision more clearly.

 ‘Not now, Midnight,’ he said softly, nudging away the sleek black cat which wound itself around his legs, purring loudly. ‘I’m busy and this is a crucial moment in the process. If I spoil it, I’ll have to start all over again from scratch.’

 The cat retreated a safe distance away from the fire, but still close enough to enjoy its warmth, and sat down, grooming her whiskers as she watched her master at work, her vivid green eyes following his every move.

             The sorcerer waited patiently, gazing into the cauldron until he suddenly drew a sharp intake of breath. ‘There it is,’ he murmured. ‘The sign we’ve been waiting for.’ The weeks of hunting down obscure ingredients and poring over thousands of ancient spells had finally paid off. He could now make out the three figures in greater detail, staring back up at him from just below the surface of the potion. A pretty girl with long blonde hair stood between two boys, one fair, the other dark. The two golden-haired children had clear blue eyes, but the darker boy’s eyes were hidden behind strange mirrors which seemed to reflect the light back towards the magician. ‘Where are you?’ he whispered, unable to tear his gaze away from the vision he had conjured up.

 ‘We’re on our way. We’ll be there soon.’ The words seemed to float upwards into the room and the old man thought he saw the girl’s lips move as her light voice echoed around the chamber.

 Hearing the young girl speak, Midnight interrupted her bath and fixed her master with a cool emerald gaze, an urgent question on her lips. ‘And what about the cat? It’s vital he comes as well – you know the prophecy.’ The sorcerer spun round to face his companion. ‘The cat? Ask her about the cat,’ insisted Midnight.

 ‘Ah … good point, my beauty,’ he replied, before turning back to peer into the vat of liquid once more.

 ‘He’s right here by my side,’ announced the girl. ‘Wherever I go, he goes too.’

 Sure enough, as the old man focused on the image, the outline of an enormous feline appeared beside the girl. Clad in a coat of ivory-coloured fur, topped with a mushroomy-grey face, the cat’s unblinking turquoise eyes bored into the magician’s own, causing a shiver of anticipation to run down his spine. Ah yes, this was the one. Success at last. He’d promised his nephew he’d summon these spirits from the future to come to their aid, but it had taken a good while and he’d had quite a few failed attempts along the way; there’d been one memorable disaster when an enormous serpent had reared up out of the cauldron and another when a wild boar had suddenly materialised behind him. Now, however, he could finally report to Arthur that help was at hand.

 As he swept his palm in a wide circle above the cauldron, the vision of the three children and the large pale-coloured cat gradually disappeared beneath a series of ripples, the surface of the liquid beginning to froth and steam once more. Gathering his robes about him, Merlin hurried from the chamber, a broad smile of satisfaction creeping across his wrinkled features as he went in search of the king.

 Midnight lay down with a contented sigh, curling up close to the fire and closing her eyes as she contemplated the arrival of the mysterious feline visitor. He’d been appearing in her dreams for a long time now and the waiting would soon be over.




Chapter 1



 ‘Midnight…, Midnight…, Midni…,’ mumbled Max. He rolled his head from side to side, continuing to make unintelligible sounds as he twitched his mouth and whiskers.

 ‘W-what?’ said Jemima, waking up and glancing across at her bedside clock. The glowing red figures showed 3:22. ‘It’s way past midnight. What are you on about?’

 Max didn’t reply. He was fast asleep. Jemima tutted crossly and pummelled her pillow back into shape, knowing she’d be awake for ages now with him fidgeting and muttering whilst he dreamed about goodness knows what.





                                               To be continued ...



Review for The Shadow of Camelot

"If you have never read any of this series, each book is a stand-alone story with a good intro as to why they children are traveling back in time to various places BUT I highly recommend you starting at the beginning and reading them in order. They are well worth it!

Joe and Jemima have a Tonkinese cat named Max who can talk! How? You'll have to read the book to find out. In this book Max is dreaming about Midnight and a pair of green eyes! What does his dream have to do with the adventure? Is Charlie related to the Green Knight? What did the Green Knight do and why is Gawain counting down the days in terror for when he will return?

Is Max a fulfillment of a prophecy to defeat the Saxons? Meet Merlin, King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, evil Morgana, Lancelot and more in this fun adventure back in time. Laugh at Max and Midnight's adventures into the Saxon camp and their meetings with Aelle, king of the Saxons. Cattus Britannicus? Hee Hee!

A fun story that will keep your 8 to 16 year olds intrigued and yearning for more. Well-written and we're off to read the next in the series now."