While schools are closed, encourage your children to read as much as possible...

Parents! While schools are closed and your children are at home, what better opportunity to encourage them to read more? Especially so, if the books they read are helping them to learn without even realising it. 


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This review for Max's Royal Adventure was posted a few days ago by a parent in the USA:

"Wow! What a history lesson for young and old alike! I truly disliked history when I was back in school so didn't learn a lot. HOWEVER that has changed and now with kids at home that I am teaching I am learning as much history as them, if not more! This book is truly a WEALTH of information! Wendy has done a great job of interweaving Max into a story that really did happen. Yes, there were some fictional aspects but Wendy explains all those at the end. The TRUTH far outweighs the fiction. Incredibly well done. She even had us looking at the front of our passports!
The year is 1651. It's September 3rd and we are in Worcester during the period when Charles Stuart, the rightful next king (Charles II), is on the run to save his life. Meanwhile Max, the cat, is enjoying the summer's sun when a squirrel drops an acorn on him and then another. Thinking to go find Jemima for some sympathy, Max suddenly realises that the weather has changed. Not only that but silence abounds. There is no traffic, birds etc. What is that roll of thunder? Who are the GoT's? Taken back in time, it turns out that pesky squirrel has a name. Russet! Not only that but Russet has instructions for Max. Max is to make sure that Charles goes to Bentley Hall. From there Maxima aka Unicorn, a very capable white horse, will ensure that Charles gets to freedom. If you have wondered why there are so many "Royal Oak" pubs, the name all stems back to this time in history when a certain event happened.
Once again, this is an EXCELLENT book. Kids learn history without even knowing they are learning. Thank you SO much."

READERS' FAVORITE BOOK REVIEWS said the following about it:

"Wendy Leighton-Porter loves history and she loves to share her passion for the past with young readers. Her recent Middle-Grade novel, Max’s Royal Adventure: Shadows from the Past, Book 16, takes young readers on another time-traveling jaunt with the feline hero, Max. The adventure is enough in itself, as the plot thickens with page-turning intensity and the characters are so realistic you feel as if you are part of their lives and the setting is so aptly described that you can feel the cold rain and the acorns falling down on your head. But there is so much more to this story and the other books in the series. Young readers are being introduced to history through the eyes of a very adventurous, time-traveling cat. I loved this story from start to finish: education and adventure go hand in hand with these books."