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The eighth book in the series. The year is 1483 and two young boys are being held prisoner in the Tower of London by their own uncle. Almost without hope, they fear for their lives. Who will come to their rescue? Hmm, now let me just think about that one ...




Uncle Richard is kind and caring, isn’t he? Well, twins Jemima and Joe Lancelot think so, but the two princes imprisoned in the Tower of London are not so lucky, because their Uncle Richard is very different.


Travelling back in time to the year 1483, the twins undertake a daring mission. Together with friend Charlie and their talking cat Max, they must rescue the princes from certain death at the hands of their wicked uncle – none other than the infamous villain, King Richard III.


Is this a task too far for the young time-travellers? Will their plan succeed, or must they risk their own lives to save the two boys?