My Current Projects

The series continues - there are still plenty more adventures to come. Where will it all end? Will the twins ever find their parents? And will Uncle Richard finally believe what the children have been telling him? Keep reading to find out what happens next...

The 17th book in the Shadows from the Past series will be

The Shadow of the Great Fire.


The year is 1666 and London is still recovering from a deadly plague which has killed many of its inhabitants. To make matters worse, the city streets are buzzing with rumours of foreign spies intent on wreaking further havoc. The king fears what may happen next, but is unprepared for the disaster about to unfold.


Can three children and a talking cat, visitors from the future, warn him of the tragedy that will engulf the city? And will he believe them? Time-travellers Jemima and Joe Lancelot, their friend Charlie, and Tonkinese cat Max, risk mortal danger as they attempt to alter the course of events.

This story will be followed by The Shadow of the Shifting Sands.




Miles and miles of nothing but sand; massive dunes like golden mountains stretch as far as the eye can see, and a heat haze shimmers beneath the punishing glare of the desert sun. This is the sight that greets four young travellers from the future when they arrive in the heart of the Rub’ Al Khali desert, otherwise known as the Empty Quarter.

But what has brought them to this inhospitable environment? Only Max the talking Tonkinese cat can answer this, for he has been here before…

And, of course, Max will continue to have the occasional solo mini-adventure. I've recently completed another of Max's stories, Max's Royal Adventure.

Where will their quest take my young time-travellers next? One thing is for sure - each journey into the past is taking them a step closer to finding what they seek...